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Grocery List

To make you feel more at home, Ashworth Properties offers a Grocery Service prior to your arrival.

For your convenience, the cost of the groceries can be added to your regular invoice. All orders will be processed and delivered on the day before (or date of arrival) to ensure maximum freshness. The items will be placed in your refrigerator and cupboards for easy access.

A 20% service charge will be added to all grocery orders. The charge will be applied to your account and a receipt will be provided. All grocery are purchased at Loblaws or Metro, based on location of House.

If you want to do a full grocery shop by yourself, there are a number of full service grocery stores within a short distant of all of our locations, many that are open late or 24 hours.

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Grocery List*
Milk 2%, 1 litre   Qty
2%, 2 litre   Qty
1%, 1 litre   Qty
1%, 2 litre   Qty
Skim, 1 litre   Qty
Skim, 2 litre   Qty
Eggs Omega - 1/2 dozen   Qty
Omega - 1 dozen   Qty
Butter 1/2 pound   Qty
1 pound   Qty
Margarine   Qty
Orange Juice Tropicana - 1.89 litre   Qty
Bread 100 % Whole Wheat   Qty
Enriched White   Qty
Bagels Original - 6/pack, pre-sliced   Qty
Whole Wheat - 6/pack, pre-sliced   Qty
Cream Cheese Kraft Philadelphia - Regular   Qty
Kraft Philadelphia - Light   Qty
Kraft Philadelphia - Raspberry   Qty
Kraft Philadelphia - Blueberry   Qty
Kraft Philadelphia - Strawberry   Qty
Fruit Bananas   Qty
Apples - Granny Smith   Qty
Apples - Red Delicious   Qty
Oranges - Navel   Qty
Sugar Lantic Granulated White - 900 Grams   Qty
Lantic White Cubes - 500 Grams   Qty
Sugar Substitute Splenda - 100 g (100 portion packs)   Qty
Equal - 100 g (100 portion packs)   Qty
Salt and Pepper package   Qty
Coffee Maxwell House - Original Roast, 300 g   Qty
Nabob - Traditional, 300 g   Qty
Nescafe Instant - Rich Blend, 200 g   Qty
Nescafe Instant - Rich Blend, Decaf 200 g   Qty
Tasters Choice Instant - Classic, 150 g   Qty
Tasters Choice Instant - Classic, Decaf, 150 g   Qty
Tea Tetley - 72 pack   Qty
Red Rose - 72 Pack   Qty
Herbal - Please specify in the comments section   Qty
Coffee Filters 100   Qty
Cream Coffee Mate - Original, 473 ml   Qty
Half & Half, 250 ml   Qty
Half & Half, 500 ml   Qty
Half & Half, 1 litre   Qty
Bottled Water Evian - 1.5 litre   Qty
Naya - 1.5 litre   Qty
Dasani - 1.5 litre   Qty
Perrier, Original - 750 ml   Qty
Cereal Quaker Instant Oatmeal - Variety Pack   Qty
Kellogg's Corn Flakes - 750 g   Qty
Additional Items If there is a favourite item you would like to have and it does not appear on our grocery list or if you have a suggestion, please add it here.

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